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About us – set ideals, measurable accomplishments

Guiding principle

Values are the measure of everything. This principle determines all entrepreneurial actions of EPHY-MESS management; Claudia Becker, owner and sole shareholder, and her husband Andreas Becker, General Manager, feel personally committed to personal and ethical qualities.


Economically and privately we source our life ethical guidelines from the Christian world view. These include fundamental values that govern our behaviour towards customers, employees, business partners and suppliers: tradition and innovation - these are not contradictory terms, but complementary driving forces that keep our company in sustainable motion.


Tolerance, respect, honesty and integrity - on these columns we have achieved  our success step by step over a half century; on this basis we will drive forward  the development of the company dynamically - always keeping in mind human sense. Fairness in handling with each other is the transpositon of  the four-column-values for the EPHY-MESS management and for all employees. As a matter of course we respect personality, different cultures, religions and skin colors, do not discriminate neither women nor men, that we comply with laws and commitments, do not accept or grant benefits to win contracts and do not breach data inegrity.


Germany’s medium-sized businesses are characterized by motivation and self-responsibility. EPHY-MESS lays great importance on these values. Only those who take responsibility while delivering performance will be able to develop the necessary enthusiasm required to invent, manufacture and market high-tech products. EPHY-MESS sensors and measuring instruments are developed according to the highest specifications, proved by the implementation of the sensors for monitoring electric motors and machinery in almost 40 countries worldwide – a strong sign of confidence in us. 
We are aware, that we must earn the confidence placed in our medium-sized family-owned business day after day - through careful controlling of all process workflows as well as a dedicated risk and quality management, which itself is subject to continuous monitoring and improvement.


For those who measure their success by the flourishing synthesis of tradition and innovation and who follow Christian values, social engagement is a key to gain and to save the future. EPHY-MESS sees itself as a company with the central task to promote young scientists. Because knowledge and skills which are not passed from generation to generation will be lost.

Social engagement

Companies are partners of society. They benefit from a given infrastructure and enrich their communities - primarily by the creation of jobs. In addition, EPHY-MESS GmbH recognizes its social responsibility and is engaged in community projects, such as establishing a Kindergarten. This day-care centre next to the factory is open, not only for children of company employees, but also for children from families of other enterprises, or from families in the neighbourhood.

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