Tailor-made sensors. Worldwide.


We are driven by the vision of, and faith in, optimized realization.

EPHY-MESS GmbH is a dedicated manufacturer and distributor of tailor-made industrial measuring and sensor technology...

Company history: The development from a very small business to one of the leading manufacturers of industrial temperature sensors for the surveillance of electrical drives and machines.

Tolerance, respect, honesty and integrity - these is the base of our success. And standing on the secure foundation we will continue to develop the family business forward into the future.

Evidence of the most innovative corporate culture is shown by numerous patents, trademarks, utility models and existing certification ...

Our employees reflect the values ​​of the company in a unique way. Because we all live for accuracy and reliability - everybody in his very special way, every day.

Long lasting, active memberships and mandates are in place with major relevant professional associations. They underline the management’s value of establishing close cooperation and technical exchange within the industry.

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