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Calibration and certification - for maximum precision and safety


EPHY-MESS temperature sensors are especially designed for the demanding requirements in industrial applications. They provide excellent measuring accuracy and long-term stability even under the harshest environmental conditions. In that respect, monitoring, calibration and maintenance of our measuring and testing equipment is an important part of our quality management system and guarantees accurate test measurements throughout the whole production process.

The reference instruments used are traceable to national standards. The comparative measurement is carried out according to internal procedures that meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The advantage of measuring instruments that are traceable to national standards (and thus usually also to international standards) is the worldwide comparability of the measurement results. Our experienced laboratory team, in cooperation with the Standards & Certifications Department, will be pleased to provide you with the following quality certificates:

Our quality reports and certifications:

Certification of conformity 2.1

Confirmation of conformity with order

Inspection certificate 3.1 acc. DIN EN 10204

Our inspection certificate documents the traceability to DAkkS standards and measuring instruments. The calibration of the measuring instruments as well as the documentation meet the obligation to provide evidence in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Calibration points within the specified temperature range can be individually specified by the customer.

IECEx & ATEX Certificates

Devices, components and protection systems certified by EPHY-MESS are suitable for the intended use in hazardous areas and correspond to defined quality, installation and maintenance requirements. When placing these products on the market, we as manufacturer certify the conformity with the legal requirements by appropriate conformity assessment procedures.

EAC Certification

EAC is an abbreviation for Eurasian Conformity. The EAC certificate confirms that a product or good meets all the requirements of the technical regulations. Certified products and goods are allowed to be distributed on the entire territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

UL / CSA acc. UL 61010-1 (NEC 500 / 505)

The UL certificate is considered proof that a representative number of a product has been tested by UL and that the applicable standards and requirements regarding potential risk of fire, electrical shock and mechanical hazard have been met. The Recognized Mark is used for components that are part of a larger product or system. Based on the mutual recognition of                                           standards in the USA and Canada, this approval is also accepted in Canada.


In Brazil, all electrical devices or components intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres require mandatory certification to ensure conformity with the INMETRO regulation. INMETRO is the Brazilian National Institute for Metrology, Quality and Technology. Its task is to implement and ensure the national standards for metrology and quality. Compliance with these                                   standards is certified by the Inmetro certificate, which opens access to import and distribution of
                                products in the Brazilian market.

Metrological Certificate (for Russia)

The metrological certificate ( Type Approval or Metrological Pattern Approval ), is a certificate attesting the conformity of calibratable measuring instruments to the legal acts of technical regulation in the Russian Federation. Certified measuring instruments have been subjected to the required tests and comply with the applicable requirements.

Metrological Certificate (for Belarus)

The metrological certificate confirms that the certified measuring instruments meet the minimum requirements of the technical regulation in Belarus (Belarus). This is to ensure the uniformity of measurements in the country. After successfully passing the metrological tests, the measuring instruments are listed in the state register and may be used in Belarus from that moment on.

Metrological Certificate (for Kazakhstan)

The metrological certificate confirms that the certified measuring instruments meet the minimum requirements of the technical regulation in Kazakhstan. This ensures the uniformity of measure- ments in the country. After the metrological tests have been successfully passed, the measuring instruments are listed in the state register and may be used in Kazakhstan from that point on.

Initial calibration

Measuring equipment subject to approval must be listed in the state register of measuring equipment before it is put into operation in Russia and undergo initial calibration. The initial calibration is to be compared with a factory calibration, which must be confirmed by the approval authority. The results of the calibration of measuring equipment are verified with a calibration mark and a calibration certificate. A prerequisite for carrying out the initial calibration is that the measuring equipment has already been listed in the register and a measuring equipment approval is available.


The technical equipment passport (Passport) is a document for the end user in which the most important technical data of the machine or equipment and the operating characteristics are listed. In contrast to the EAC or metrology certificate, the passport may be issued directly by the manufacturer of the product. The passport is issued separately for each machine or device and each serial number.

Negativ certificate

The negative certificate is the official confirmation for customs that the goods are not subject to certification according to the Technical Regulations.

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