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Smart sensor system for detection of vibration and temperature

At a glance

  • Condition monitoring for smart motor, gears and bearing applications
  • Internal processing for extracting feature vectors
  • Adaptable by modular concept
  • Measurement range: configurable ±2 to 8 g or ±10 g to ±40 g
  • Temperature measurement: -40 to +125 °C
  • Protection class (IP68)


The smart sensor system VibroTherm enables time-synchronous acquisition and analysis of accelerations and temperature. In addition, FIR and IIR filters as well as algorithms for extracting feature vectors are already preconfigured. The triaxial accelerometer of the sensor system is based on proven MEMS technology with a capacitive operating principle, offering a configurable measuring range between ±2 g and ±40 g and allows sampling rates of up to 4 kHz per sensitive direction. The integrated electronics enable the acquisition of accelerations with a resolution of 20 bits. The temperature is measured between -40 ° C and +125 ° C with a sampling rate of up to 50 Hz achieving a resolution of 15 bits.


The smart sensor system VibroTherm monitors the properties and behavior of components, vehicles or machines, especially when critical vibrations as well as oil temperatures on motors, bearings or gears have to be acquired and analyzed synchronously. Therefore, this sensor are ideally suited for condition monitoring in real time. However, the real intelligence consists in merging the historical and current data and using this to determine the future development of the critical parameters. Especially, these analyzes enable predictive maintenance solutions but are also used in digital twins which help to automate process flows and thus make them more efficient.



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