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Technical information

PTC Thermistor in ceramic sheath PTC-KH

Operating temperature -25°C ... +23°C over NAT
Tolerance range ±5 K
Cold resistance R 25 EPTC < 100 Ω
DPTC < 300 Ω
Max. operating voltage 30 V (TA = 0 ... +40°C)
Max. measurement voltage 7.5 V (TA-25 K...TNAT + 15 K)
Pill size standard pill ø < 4 mm // mini pill ø < 3 mm
Protection sheath ceramic protection sheath
Material ceramic
Dimensions ø 4 x 25 mm (EFG)
ø 4.9 x 16 mm (ERG)
ø 4.9 x 30 mm (ERG)
Cable connection shed
Nominal response temperature +60°C ... +190°C
Connection line shrinkable tubing // shielded shrinkable tubing // single litz wires
Insulation silicone / teflon / spun glass
Standard cable length EPTC 500 mm / 2000 mm
DPTC 500 mm / 180 mm / 180 mm / 500 mm // 2000 mm / 300 mm / 300 mm / 2000 mm
Cross section ≥AWG 30
Color code EPTC according to DIN EN 44080 + DIN EN 44081 // as requested by customer
DPTC according to EN 44080 + EN 44082 // as requested by customer
Cable ends bare / partly insulated / tinned / wire end sheathes
Insulation resistance R(iso) 500V
Dielectric strength without // 2.5kV / AC 50Hz / 1min. // 5kV
Confectioning variations single-/double- tubing insulation// metal-/ ceramic sheath // screw-in housing // carrier body // Zwischenschieber
Special designs with varnish glass filament tube (LGLS) as nick protection
Ex ta IIIC
Ex ia IIC Gb
Ex ia IIIC Gb
II 2D Ex ta IIIC Da
II 2G Ex ia IIC Gb
II 2D Ex ia IIIC Db
TR Ex ia IIC U
Ex e II U
Ex ia IIIC Db U
Ex tb IIIC Db U

EFG = one side flat closed

ERG = one side round closed



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