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Railway sensor versions

Our temperature sensors for rolling stock are made according to the customer’s specific requirements. The configurations seen here are examples of possible versions. Depending on the application and assembly situation, we are happy to develop suitable sensors perfectly adapted to your requirements. Our rail vehicle specialists are ready and able to offer you support and assistance.

  • Features

    • Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 in 2-, 3-, 4-conductor connection
    • also as doublePt100 und Doppel- Pt1000 available
    • shock and vibration resistant according to DIN 60373 Cat.3
    • fire behaviour according to DIN 5510
    • Operating temperature -40°C ... +200°C
    • halogen- und siliconefree
    • protection class up to IP68
    • maintenance free
  • Application

    • in metros, trams, subways
    • switch cabinet monitoring
    • temperature determination on inaccessible and distant measuring points
    • high speed trains (HGV)
    • continuous wheel gear monitoring
    • themic controll of transmission oil

Gear sensor

  • Pt100 Gear sensor

Wheel bearing sensor

  • Pt100 temperature sensor wheel-set bearing

Oil temperature sensor

  • Pt100 resistance Thermometer for oil temperature

Switch cabinet sensor

  • Pt100 resistance Thermometer for control cabinet

Motor winding

  • Pt100 resistance Thermometer for motor winding



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