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Temperature sensors for railway industry


The temperature monitoring of rolling stock sets high demands on the sensors with respect to mechanical stability. The sensors are exposed to increased vibrations and shocks by extremely high air velocities and by environmental influences in the under-floor area. Especially the pressure differences at tunnel entrances and exits put huge mechanical burdens on the sensors in use. Components, developed by EPHY-MESS are designed for these conditions. Temperature and speed sensors developed especially for high-speed trains work reliably at speeds in excess of 350 km/h.


The temperature sensors are used worldwide in high-speed trains, freight and regional trains or metros. They monitor the temperature of motors, gears and wheel-set bearings in the bogie. The temperature sensors are assembled in a harness, ideally already including EPHY-MESS speed sensors, which are responsible for the detection of train speed and direction.

Functional principle

Single or dual Pt100 measuring resistors are used for temperature measurements in rail vehicles. The sensor is built into a protective sleeve with a diameter between 5 mm to 12 mm. The shielded connecting line can be executed in 2 -, 3 - or 4-wire connections. The cable outlet can be constructed at any angle. Depending on the application plastic, stainless steel corrugated or rubber fabric hoses can be used as additional protection for the cable line.

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