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Available versions of speed sensors

The EPHY-MESS modular system for rail vehicles combines tried and tested products to ensure safe operation, high availability and low susceptibility to faults.

Housing, cable version, connector, switching frequency and module can be selected individually depending on the measuring technology. The versions shown are examples of possible designs for our speed sensors.

Do you need a customised housing design? On request, we can also manufacture suitable solutions for your application or installation situation.

Voltage-supplied speed sensors (Hall-effect)

  • Speed sensors with push-pull signal, single power (GS)

Speed sensor for ferromagnetic gear wheels such as iron or steel with push-pull signal in single (GS) or dual power (GD) version.

Supply voltage: 8 - 24 V DC (max. 30 V DC)
Output level at Push-Pull output:
High-level ≥ UB - 2,0 V (at 1,67 kΩ load resistance)
Low-level ≤ +1,5 V



Current loop speed sensor (Hall effect)

  • Speed sensor with push-pull signal, dual power (GD)

Speed sensor for ferromagnetic gear wheels such as iron or steel with push-pull signal in single (GS) or dual power (GD) version.

Supply voltage UB: 8 - 24 V DC
external load (RA) ≥ UB current loop power supply unit
(≤ 24 V) / 14 mA (RA in Ω and UB in V).
Output currents:
Low-level nominal 7 mA, (tolerance values 5.6 - 8.4 mA)
High-level nominal 14 mA, (tolerance values 11.2 - 16.8 mA)

Voltage-supplied speed sensors (eddy current principle) - ALU DWG

Speed sensor for electrically conductive, non-magnetic encoder wheels such as aluminium gear wheels.

Supply voltage UB: 8 - 20 V DC (max. 24 V DC)
Output voltage at push-pull output:
High-level ≥ UB - 2.0 V (with 1.67 kΩ load resistance)
Low-level ≤ +1.5 V

High voltage speed sensor (special version for 110 V DC)

This speed sensor is only available in housing type 41 (grinding housing). It is specially designed for 200 mm Ø gear wheels with 120 teeth (module 1.67).

Configured version with speed sensor and Pt100 measuring element

  • Modular cable harness: Speed sensor and PT100 resistance Thermometer

Modular cable harness: Speed sensor and PT100 temperature sensor

Based on the EPHY-MESS modular system for railway sensors, almost any number of sensors can be combined with each other. In general, between 2 and 5 sensors, both speed sensors and temperature sensors, are assembled into one cable harness.

Find more information about the modular system here:EPHY-MESS Modular concept

Overview housing desings

  • DWG 04
    straight cable output

  • DWG 05
    cable output aside

  • DWG 06
    half flange housing, cable output 180°

  • DWG 07
    threaded sleeve M20 x 1,5, straight cable output

  • DWG 08
    flange housing with asymmetrical flange

  • DWG 09
    big flange version, straight cable output

  • DWG 21
    flat housing, cable output aside

  • DWG 22
    flat housing, backside cable output

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