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Chip-slot resistance thermometers


A thin-layer measuring resistor is used for temperature measurement in a chip NWT. The detecting area is similar to a point measurement, because of the active measuring length of the deployed sensor chip.


  • moderate cost alternative to bifilar NWT's
  • point measurement of known system hotspots
  • resistant to loads such as shock, vibration and pressure
  • very resistant against standard impregnation, curing and drying processes 


Chip-slot resistance thermometers are an alternative to the bifilar coiled slot resistance thermometers (Pt100 - Pt1000 Ohm). Chip slot resistance thermometers (Chip-NWT) offered by EPHY-MESS are mainly used in the slot of the stator winding of electric machines. All standard types are also deliverable in certified versions according to IEXEc and ATEX. Principally these thermometers can be also used for all measurements on surfaces, in slots or in other difficult to access measuring locations.


In these slot resistance thermometers a platinum thin-layer resistor of the type M-OK is used instead of a bifilar wound platinum wire. The temperature-sensitive length is shortened to the active length of the thin-layer sensor (point measurement). This is sufficient for many measurement purposes, because many requirements focus on the slot design and not on the active measuring length.

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