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Foil resistance thermometers

  • Pt100 Foil resistance thermometers
  • Foil resistance thermometer with bifilar wound platinum wire
  • Foil resistance thermometer with thin film resistor


  • temperature range -60°C ... +200°C
  • flexible, very thin construction
  • available with adhesive film
  • short response time
  • easy assembly


Foil resistance thermometers are recommended for measurement on small and inaccessible places and on flat or slightly curved surfaces. Furthermore they are also suited for the measurement on surfaces of pipes (surface thermometer).


The Pt100 foil thermometers consist of a wrapped platinum wire embedded in a Kapton foil. For some versions, the foil is also available with an adhesive tape on the back. Wire length and connection type in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuitry are build according to customer demand. Foil thermometers are also available as thermocouple type J, K and T.

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