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Bifilar wound slot resistance thermometers

SRTs with bifilar Pt100 winding allow the determination of temperature over the entire active length of the coil. Optimum measurement results are obtained by adapting the dimensions to the respective slot design of electric motors or generators.


  • low heat capacity guarantees instantaneous thermal coupling
  • excellent electrical insulation with good heat conductivity, taking into account voltage load during lengthy operation
  • bifilar wiring design prevents induction voltages generating measurement errors
  • characteristic curve of the Pt 100 resistance according to DIN EN 60751
  • resistant to stress such as shock, pressure and vibration
  • resistant to commercially available impregnating agents, hardening and drying processes
  • on request with IECEx or ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas


The different versions of the bifilar SRT's support particularly the special requirements of  high-voltage machines. The wide range of possible SRT sizes allows the adaptation to almost any engine size. The bifilar winding compensates voltages induced by external electromagnetic fields.

Structure / Functional principle

An insulated measuring wire is wound around a support body. Usually a platinum resistance wire is used with a nominal value of 100Ω (Pt100). Alternatively, copper or nickel wires can also be used as measuring wire.

Available versions

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