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Confectioning variations of PTC special constructions

PTC thermistors with cable shoe

  • PTC thermistor in cable shoe
  • Special construction "Cable shoe"

By using various cable shoe designs, the PTC can be installed and easily attached by a screw at any desired location. This obviates the need for complex fasteners for round casings or sleeves. Depending on the number required such sensors can already be provided with the customer terminals or connectors by EPHY-MESS. Thus will avoid additional packaging costs for the end user. Depending on the required temperature resistance, isolated or bare terminals can be affixed.

PTC thermistors with 6-pt plastic cap

  • PTC thermistor 6-pt plastic cap
  • Special construction "6-pt plastic cap"

In this version a PTC thermistor is connected to the supply line with 2-wire circuit using soldering processes. Solder joints are insulated against each other and from screw housing, with Kaptoin foil. To improve the thermal coupling the sensor is potted with thermal grease in the housing. The 6-pt plastic cap is used for simple installation and seals hermetically using silicone. The wire ends are installed in an end spring strip.

PTC thermistor in intake body (AK)

  • PTC thermistor in carrier housing
  • Carrier housing

PTC thermistors can be used as an alternative to the usually used Pt100 sensors as a measuring element in slot resistance thermometers of large electric machines. Continuous temperature measurement is not carried out, but monitoring of a predetermined temperature limit . 
The PTC thermistors are incorporated into a hard fabric intake body, which is electrically insulated by means of silicone sealing, a cover plate and overlying shrinkable tubing. This design ensures a pressure compensated construction, but allows some mechanical flexibility in the blade area.

PTC Thermistors in intermediate slider case (ZS)

  • PTC Thermistors in intermediate slider case with epoxy sealing compound

With this design with a predetermined limit temperature, the PTC thermistor is inserted in hard glass fabric intermediate slider, which is covered with epoxy sealing compound and electrically insulated. Upon request, additional shrinkable tubing can be applied over the intermediate slider for increased dielectric strength.

This design ensures a pressure balanced, rigid construction.



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