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PTC Thermistors with shrinkable tubing

To increase the dielectric strength the PTC thermistor are mostly equipped with a shrinkable tubing insulation.


  • miniaturized thermistor temperature sensor at a diameter <3mm
  • selection of nominal response temperature (NAT) available
  • increase of dielectric strength when insulated by shrinkable tube
  • thermal response time below 5 s
  • IECEx und ATEX certification for the use in hazardous areas
  • TR certificate for the Eurasian Customs Union


The miniaturized PTC thermometers are ideal for motor protection. They enable the temperature-dependent switching on or off at a temperature predetermined by the selected thermistor.

Structure / Functional principle

The single, double or triple PTC miniature thermistors are available at nominal response temperature (NAT) from +60°C to +190°C. The respective NAT is indicated by the colour coding of the DIN-compliant PTFE single wire. Here, the NAT is + 155 ° C. For multiple thermistors (double / triple PTC) the inner connections are encoded yellow. The isolated sensor pill has a maximum outer diameter of 3 mm.

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