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PTC Thermistors in a metal sleeve

PTC thermistor with metal sleeve


  • mechanically protected in a robust metal sleeve
  • operating temperature range from -55 ° C ... +190 ° C (depending on the particular NAT)
  • moisture-proof design possible (IP66)
  • versatile in their application because of variable dimensions
  • IECEx und ATEX certification for the use in hazardous areas
  • TR certificate for the Eurasian Customs Union


Thanks to the variety of available sleeve sizes, these PTC thermistors can be used in many different applications. The heat conduction of the metal sleeve guarantees a good thermal contact to the measuring point. This configuration is recommended for IECEx and ATEX certified PTC thermistors.

Structure / Functional principle

The PTC thermistor pill is connected either by soldering processes or as wired component by crimping. The crimping positions are isolated against each other and the sensor against the sleeve. The sensor is installed in a protective metal sleeve made of brass or stainless steel with the aid of thermal grease. Diameters of 5mm or 6mm are available with different lengths. By pressing crimp, roll crimp or casting the sensor is permanently connected to the leads. Different hose assemblies or Teflon single wire with a variety of wire cross sections are available.

Moisture-proof versions with protection class IP66 are available. IECEx and ATEX approved versions can be delivered at short notice.

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