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Available versions KTY

KTY-SH Silicon sensor with shrinkable tube protection

  • KTY Silicon sensor insulated with shrink tubing
  • KTY measuring resistor with insulation
  • KTY measuring resistor

Because of their compact size, silicon sensors with shrinkable tube protection are very well suited to protect electrical machines of any size against thermal overload. The sensor, fabricated with crimp processes, is isolated with a temperature resistant shrinkable tube. The small dimensions and bendability of the sensor enable a direct mounting into electrical windings.

KTY-MH Silicon sensor in metal sleeve

  • KTY in metal sleeve, rolling bead
  • Cable connection

To increase rigidity, silicon sensors are cemented in metal sleeves made of brass, aluminium or stainless steel.

KTY-KH Silicon sensor in ceramic sleeve

  • KTY in round closed ceramic sleeve
  • KTY casted in ceramic sleeve
  • KTY in ceramic sleeve with LGLS for knick protection
  • Single litzes tinned

The silicon sensors are cemented in ceramic sleeves to increase their mechanical rigidity and provide electrical insulation.


  • KTY sensor with integrated surge protection (ESD)

To avoid possible ESD damages, EPHY-MESS has developed a KTY sensor with integrated surge protection (patent pending). This also means that otherwise required protective procedures in the production process and in handling of the sensors can be omitted.

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KTY-ZS Silicon sensor in intermediate slider casing

  • KTY in intermediate slider casing

KTY sensors can be inserted in intermediate slider casing as well. By using this carrier, the sensors are to install similar to slot resistance thermometer in slot of windings. Also for subsequent installation this type is suitable.



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