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Optional configurations of industrial plug

Industrial plug with thread G1/2"

  • Pt100 Resistance thermometers with industrial plug
  • Screw-in resistance thermometer with industrial plug

The screw-in thermometer with industrial plug has a ½” thread with SW27 key width. The diameter of the stainless steel protection tube is 8 mm and the mounting length is 128 mm. Optional configurations with fixed or spring mounted protection tube are available. Temperature range on the sensor is -30°C to +125°C.

Thread G1/4"

  • Pt100 Resistance thermometers with industrial plug
  • Cable connection

This type features a G1/4" thread as  standard and a SW27 key width. Compared to the version shown above, this type has a specific immersion sheath, which is designed for an ultimate compressive strength of 100 bar. The diameter of the sheath is 6 mm and the insertion length is 213 mm. The temperature range for the sensor head is from -30°C to +90°C.

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