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Screw-in thermometer configurations with EM-Head

Connection head EM 12 (LT 12) and EM 18 (LT 18)

  • Screw-in resistance thermometers with connection head EM 12/18
  • Connection head EM 12/18
  • Screw-in resistance thermometer with connection head EM 12/18

The screw-in resistance thermometer with connection head EM 12 (LT 12) or EM 18 (LT 18) is available with a Pt100-measurement resistor in 2 -, 3 - or 4-wire circuit. If two PT100 measurement resistors are incorporated, 2-wire circuit is only available because of space reasons. The connecting cable can be equipped with a permanent sealed, straight or angled cable coupling. The 4-pole M8 connector (EM 12/LT 12) or the M12 connector (EM 18/LT 18) are in the centreline and are protected against reverse polarity according to DIN IEC 60947-5-2. The tolerable head temperature is between -25°C to +90°C, the maximum temperature at the measuring tip is allowed up to +260°C. The sensor is available starting with an installation length of 20 mm and with a diameter of the protective sheath from 4 mm to 8 mm.

Connection head EM 24 (LT 24)

  • Pt100 Screw-in resistance thermometers with connection head EM 24

The bearing thermometer EM 24 (LT 24) has an optimized connection head either with clamp socket or with permanent potted supply line and 4-pole M12 round connector with screw connection. Single or double thermometer versions are also available. The operating temperature range is between -70°C to +180°C. Optionally, this bearing thermometer is delivered with integrated head transmitter (4 - 20 mA); a CAN-BUS interface can be realized upon request. The thermometer can be directly connected to the appropriate evaluation and control device. In the special version EM 24 N (LT 24 N) the height of the head is only 22 mm  instead of the regular height of 36.5 mm.

Connection head EM 38 (LT 38)

  • Pt100 Screw-in resistance thermometers with connection head EM 38

Bearing thermometer EM 38 (LT 38) has a connection head outer diameter of 38 mm. Therefore the inner space is large enough to allow 6- or 8-wire circuitry of cable outlet for double Pt100 versions. The screw-in thermometer EM 38 (LT 38) is either available with ceramic clamp socket in the head or with permanent potted supply lines. 



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