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Screw-in Thermometers


The group of screw-in resistance thermometers includes various thermometers in different housing types. The spectrum ranges from simple screw-in housings with connection wire, over fixed screw- or moveable clamping screw connections up to various connection heads with protective sheath and different process fittings. Using fixed or shiftable fitting the thermometers are individually adjustable to their installation position and can be assembled simply and quickly. Special versions with measurement range up to +400°C and numerous IECEx and ATEX versions are available.


Application areas include temperature monitoring of bearings, temperature measurement in containers and pipelines, particularly in plant construction, temperature surveillance in laboratory applications of the chemical industry and in hazardous areas. The resistance thermometers can also be realized as a waterproof sheath resistance thermometer (MWT-MI) with bendable, flexible mineral insulated line (MI) and with an operating temperature range from -200°C to +800°C.


Relevant dimensions of screw-in thermometers with connection head are:
Neck tube length (HL) - length from the bottom edge of the head of the seal; 
Installation length / Nominal length (EL / NL) - length from the seal to the bottom edge of the protection tube; 
Total length (GL) -  length from the bottom edge of the protection tube to the bottom edge of the connection head. See the illustration.



Available Versions

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