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Oil Level Gauges


EPHY-MESS produces robust and vibration-resistant oil level gauges specifically for traffic engineering. In addition to the basis version with single window for protected areas, oil level gauges with a two-chamber system are also available. They are optimized for use in the under-floor area of rail vehicles and will withstand the effects of stone impacts.


The oil level of traction motors, gears and other oil-carrying units must be checked regularly. The oil level gauges should be freely accessible and easy to clean. Used in traction motors, transmission or wheel bearings of railway vehicles, oil level gauges are usually located in exposed locations on the equipment, and are potentially subject to an increased risk of external physical influences. The EPHY-MESS oil level gauges are protected against these influences.

Functional principle

Single chamber oil level gauges have a sight glass for rapid control of oil level during service or maintenance. The patented two-chamber system of EPHY-MESS oil level gauges enables fast and clean checking of the oil level and withstand at the same time projectiles with a mass of 30g and a speed of up to 50 m / s. If a heavier strike destroys sight glass, no oil would leak because of the two-chamber system with integrated protection. The damaged glass can be changed during a routine inspection rapidly and without draining the oil. Oil level gauges can also be used in any particularly harsh industrial environments (e.g. mining). Assembly tools can be included if desired.

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