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Electric band heater for hazardous areas (SSH Ex e)

  • Electric band heater for hazardous areas
  • resistance wire made from CuNi- or NiCr-alloy coiled on glass fibre carrier according to EN 0254 and silicone insulated
  • either with or without glass fibre hose
  • fix mounted, Teflon insulated connection line
  • upon request with ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas(only german version available)
  • TR certificate for the Eurasian Customs Union

Technical Information

Insulation heat wire silicone optional with glass silk hose
Operating temperature range -40°C ... +180°C
Operating voltage ≤ 230 V
Performance 8 W ... 100 W
Dielectric strength 2 kV / AC 50 Hz / 20 s
Bending radius ≥ 10 mm
Dimensions mGS // oGS
Width 9.5 mm // 11 mm
Heigth approx. 3.5 mm // ca. 2.5 mm
Length see table "Standard versions"
Connection line
Version single lstrand wires, Teflon insulated
Colour code WH / WH
Cross section AWG 16/19 copper tinned
Length 500 mm (standard)
Tensile strength ≥ 25 N (Litz / Heat supply)
ATEX Protection type II 2G Ex e II

 *) If electric band heater is mounted before impregnation process, version with glass fibre hose must be used.



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