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Available cable sensors (SH)

M-OK / SH or DSH

  • Cable resistance sensor with double shrink sleeve insulation
  • Thin layer resistor (Pt100) with double shrink sleeve insulation
  • Cable connection

This standard cable sensor has a Pt100 measuring resistance acc. to DIN EN 60751 Class B. It is connected by crimping to the lead in a 2-wire circuitry and is either single or double insulated with PTFE heat shrink sleeve. The temperature range is from -70°C to +260°C.

M-GL / not insulated

  • Platinum resistance sensor with shrink tube insulation
  • Glass measuring resistance (Pt100) with shrink tube insulation at the cable transition
  • Shrink tube insulation at the cable transition

The basic sensor is a platinum wire wound on a glass pin, contacted and melted homogeneously in glass (type M-GL). The fused sensor is completely sealed, shock-proofed and does not show any hysteresis. It is connected to the connection cable with 3-wire circuitry by soldering processes. The connection is insulated by double shrink sleeving. The non-insulated sensor head has a response time of approximately 23s.


  • Cable resistance thermometer with shrinkable tube insulation
  • Thin layer resistor (Pt100) in ceramic housing
  • Cable connection with shrinkable tube insulation

A thin film precision resistor in a ceramic sleeve is installed as base measuring element. The sensor is connected by brazing to the circuit line in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuitry and insulated usually with a Kynar shrink sleeve. The temperature range is from -40°C  to +175°C.



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