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Available versions WT-MI

Sheathed resistance thermometer standard "Crescent sensor"

  • Pt100 Sheathed resistance Thermometer
  • Single litzes

In sheathed resistance thermometers the sensor is pressed and protected in a mineral powder. Therefore these thermometers are highly resistant against high-pressure and vibrations. The sensors are manufactured starting from a diameter of 2 mm. Through the use of high-grade stainless steel and the casting of cable sleeve, the sensors are also corrosion resistant and are used for example for monitoring of turbines in water power plants.

Sheathed resistance thermometers -special version "Wing sensor"

  • Pt100 Sheathed resistance Thermometer
  • Single litzes

This sensor in this design is very well suited to measuring  the pipe temperature. Named after its shape, the  "Wing Sensor", it consists of thermometers, strip-wings, upper and lower insolation part, shrink tube insulation and the associated spigot connection port.

 The capillary temperature sensor is provided with laterally outgoing steel strip wings. Due to its flexible capillary tube the sensor can be directly embedded in the milled spigot connector and is welded on the adaptor socket by its outgoing "wings of steel". Thus the best thermal coupling is ensured. The sensor is then coated with ceramic fibre leaves and insulated by a thick-walled polyolefin shrinking tube, to avoid possible influences of the ambient temperature.

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