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Available versions of cable sensors KH

Twisted hose line with round closed ceramic sleeve 

  • Pt100 cable resistance sensor in ceramic sleeve
  • Round closed ceramic sleeve

Customized cable thermometers are assembled for the special application conditions their sensors have to fulfill. 
As examples two versions are shown here:
With the thermometer cable with twisted hose line, the sensor is moulded in a circularly closed ceramic sleeve and therefore withstands very high voltages. Due to the thick-walled sleeve, the sensor tolerates any mechanical stress.

2-wire strand with flat closed ceramic sleeve

  • Pt100 Cable resistance thermometer in ceramic sleeve
  • Gas-tight sealed ceramic sleeve

This variant shows a cable sensor assembled in a ceramic sleeve (Al2O3) with 2-wire strand in miniature. The ceramic sleeve of the sensor head is gas-tight and has a fast thermal response time. It has a diameter of 3 mm and a length of 15 mm.

EPHY-MESS is pleased to support any special assembly of cable sensors to safely measure temperature in the specific applications of our customers.



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