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EPHY-MESS sensors are already been in use for over 20 years in the wind power plants of global market leaders or OEM suppliers.

Sensors for wind power installation suppliers, manufacturers and service companies

Large wind power plants and difficult to reach offshore facilities require the highest reliability and safety for all components under increasingly critical operating conditions. Reliable continuous temperature control plays an essential role. Standard mounted coil head sensors are used as bearing and slot resistance thermometers for the monitoring of temperature in generators or gearboxes and drives.

Your specialist for wind power plant temperatur sensors

We are constantly collecting and expanding our comprehensive temperature monitoring knowledge for various wind plant concepts. Due to the increased performance, the requirements for control and analysis have changed, so that  many different temperature sensor types are used for monitoring tasks in wind power plants today. Own product ideas are developed and discussed with potential customers. EPHY–MESS sees itself as a problem solver and development partner for its customers.

Large range of installation locations

Wind power plants are complex systems. A large number of components are monitored for temperature control in order to ensure the permanent safety of the plants, to avoid unplanned shutdowns, to optimize maintenance intervals and to guarantee long life of the plant. Many measuring points must be temperature controlled:

  • outdoor temperature and nacelle temperature
  • control cabinet and its electronics
  • transformer and generator
  • central lubrication systems
  • pitch-drives the rotor blades
  • azimuth-drives of the nacelle
  • transmission and bearing
  • brakes

Our products for wind power industry

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