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Technical Information

Slot Resistance Thermometer in Intermediate-Slider Case NWT-ZS

[1] Measuring resistors Pt100 measuring resistor
Temperature sensor thin film sensor
[2] Rated resistance at 0° 100 Ω
Resistance material platinum (Pt) optionally: nickel (Ni), copper (Cu)
TEL approx.2 mm
Recommended measuring current 0.3mA … 1.0mA
Max. voltage 60V
Sensor insulation epoxy glass laminate and casting compound with additional PTFE insulation on sensor
[3] Tolerance class according to EN 60751
[4] Mode of connection 2- // 3- // 4- conductor connection
*) depending on the cable cross section and width of the component
[5] Dimensions (min.) Th (min.) = 2 mm x W (min.) = 8 mm x L (min.) = 20 mm
[6] Connection line
E1 single litz wires
Sx shrinkable tubing with x single litz wires
FSLx flat band shrinkable tubing with x single litz wires
Insulation PTFE, FEP or fluoride-polymer-insulation
Cross section ≥AWG30
Shield as requested by customer
Cable end bare // tinned // wire end sheathes
[7] Cable length as requested by customer
Color code according to EN 60751 // as requested by customer
[8] Dielectric strength max. 3 kV / AC 50 Hz / 1 min.
[9] Measuring range -40°C ... +180°C
Ex ta IIIC
Ex ia IIC Gb
Ex ia IIIC Gb
II 2D Ex ta IIIC Da
II 2G Ex ia IIC Gb
II 2D Ex ia IIIC Db
TR Ex ia IIC U
Ex e II U
Ex ia IIIC Db U
Ex tb IIIC Db U

Tolerance class

Unit Class AA Class A Class B Class C Class D
[Ω] ±0.04 Ω / 0°C ±0.06 Ω / 0°C ±0.12 Ω / 0°C ±0.30 Ω / 0°C ±0.50 Ω / 0°C
[°C] ±0.10°C / 0°C ±0.15°C / 0°C ±0.30°C / 0°C ±0.80°C / 0°C ±1.30°C / 0°C

Example for order code / Product description

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
NWT-ZS 1 Pt100 A 3 2x8x200 E1 2000 2.5 180 Ex e
NWT-ZS 2 Pt100 B 2 3x10x300 S4 5000 2 200



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