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KTY Silicon Sensors


Silicon sensors of the KTY series are devices with a semiconductor layer. They possess, similar to PTC thermistors, a positive temperature coefficient but in contrast  they show an approximate linear characteristic. While handling or processing KTY sensors it is necessary to note that these components are sensitive to static electricity and their long-term behaviour can be damaged by ESD. Appropriate precautions should be taken (ESD protection).


  • IECEx und ATEX certification for the use in hazardous areas
  • TR certificate for the Eurasian Customs Union


KTY sensors are lower-priced alternative to Pt100 sensors, where a non-linear characteristic is acceptable. The primary use of these sensors is temperature monitoring of motor windings.

Structure / Functional principle

The application area includes temperature measurement and limit monitoring. The tolerance range at reference temperature is between 1 % and 5 % accuracy depending on construction, much larger than a Pt100 resistance thermometer. But the accuracy is completely sufficient for many applications, such as motor protection of small electric machines. 

The resistance characteristics show a positive behaviour, which means that the resistance value increases with increasing temperature (but not linearly). Due to the semiconductor layer it must be noted that KTY sensors are polarized components, so the cathode of the base element is marked with a black colour ring. To avoid incorrect measurements the correct polarity must always be observed.

EPHY-MESS assembles sensors based on KTY production series 83 and 84; the series differ in tolerance range and in reference temperature indication of nominal resistance of 1000 Ω at +25°C (KTY 83) or +100°C (KTY 84).

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