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Electric Band Heaters (SSH)


Electric band heaters are used to avoid condensation and frost damage in a cold environment when a motor is not running. Our portfolio includes standard versions with or without glass fibre insulation, as well as self limiting versions and versions useable in hazardous areas.


The electric band heaters are designed for use in electric motors. They are available with different power stages, heating band lengths or supply voltages.

Functional principle

The heat conductor (wire resistance) of CuNi or NiCr alloy is spirally wound on a glass fibre carrier. The resulting single wires are connected in series using crimp sleeves. For protected against moisture, the crimped connections are insulated by shrinkable tube and the heat lines are covered by a silicone jacket (Type: oGS). The power supply is securely connected via PTFE single litz wires. Optionally the heat lines can be covered by a glass fibre hose (type: mGS). This hose is used as mechanical protection of the heater. The protection is also necessary when the heat lines are installed in a motor to enable the vacuum impregnation of the motor. The selection of electrical power and the band length can be adapted to the specific requirement.

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