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Cable sensor with shrinkable tube insulation

This is a simple cable thermometer in which a base Pt 100 measuring resistor is assembled using a connecting cable and shrinkable tubing cap.


  • operating temperature range from -70°C ... +260°C
  • measuring resistance crimped or soldered connected to the supply line
  • universal application
  • high voltage-resistant insulation
  • IECEx and ATEX approval for use in hazardous areas
  • TR certificate for the Eurasian Customs Union


Cable sensors with heat shrink isolation are basically used for every kind of temperature measurement. They are mainly used as coil winding sensors for thermal motor protection.

Structure / Functional principle

A Pt100 measuring resistor is normally connected to a cable using crimping technology. The sensor is assembled in 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuitry. Subsequently the thermometers are insulated by a single (SH) or double (DSH) shrinkable tube of Kynar, Kynarflex or PTFE - depending on the application. 
The connecting cables are either PTFE - single strands, Teflon tubing hoses or Teflon tubing flat hoses. The cable cross-section can be selected from AWG20 to AWG30. The cable ends are bare, tinned or equipped with ferrules. The cable length is arbitrary. Waterproofed designs are available with protection class IP 66, high voltage-resistant versions up to 8 kV (special versions even up to 20 kV) or ATEX and IECEx certified versions of certification Ex e are deliverable.

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