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Sheathed resistance thermometers


  • operating temperature from -200°C ... +800°C
  • bendable, flexible mineral insulated wire (MI)
  • protection tube diameter from ø 1 mm
  • waterproof design (IP68)


Sheathed resistance thermometers are extremely sturdy, pressure resistant, mechanically stable and vibration-resistant. Due to the small diameter these thermometers have a very short response time and are suited to be placed in areas difficult to access, in windings and in narrow openings. They monitor the thermal conditions in gaseous and liquid media, in tanks, pipes, equipment and machinery as well as in drives and in braking systems. Installation is optionally available using thread size M10x1 to G1"or by means of compression fittings.

Structure / Functional principle

The measuring resistor is assembled into a stainless steel sleeve and then firmly pressed together with ceramic powder. The sleeve is extended by means of a bendable, mineral-insulated cable (MI cable) to the desired final dimensions. The connection to the cable is either a cable sleeve (KÜH) made of brass with a diameter of ∅ 5.5mm or a permanently attached PTFE tubing hose (e.g. AWG24). The sensors are also available with a mounted plug.

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