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Press release | 18. June 2020

N-TV broadcast feature

The EPHY-MESS management in an interview about short-time work during the coronavirus pandemic

The Corona crisis confronts Germany with unprecedented challenges. The German government has adopted multibillion-euro assistance packages. These measures aim to safeguard jobs, bolster the economy and stabilise the real economy during the coronavirus pandemic. (Source:BMF)

Beside financial assistance for companies, self-employed businesses and freelancers effective instruments for employees are also adopted. The German government is expanding its short-time work scheme to provide compensation to workers whose working hours have to be reduced. Access to this benefit is granted with retroactive effect from 1 March 2020 and businesses can apply for the scheme more easily.

Currently, more companies than ever before are taking advantage of short-time working. About seven million workers are affected. During the 2009 financial crisis, the number of people affected was just under 1.5 million. A comparison of the instrument of short-time work during the current corona pandemic and the global financial crisis in 2009 is drawn in the broadcast feature from N-TV. In the report the management of EPHY-MESS also expresses its opinion. The N-TV crew recorded the interviews last Tuesday at the premises of the sensor manufacturer.

Here the link to the article in the media library of N-TV: (in german language only)


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