Tailor-made sensors. Worldwide.


Interesting topics about EPHY-MESS and the industrial temperature measurement technique

Edition 09 / 2014

Railway Technology Special

  • EPHY-MESS makes it possible - From the USA to India by railway.

Edition 02/2009

Wind Power Special

  • Sensors for Wind Turbines
  • Bearing thermometer with CAN Interface
  • Lagertermometer with industry-plug head

Edition 06 / 2014

Wind Power Special

  • EPHY-MESS - Network partner in the wind power industry
  • Customized production – Tailored sensor technology
  • Corrosion - Protection for temperature sensors

    Edition 09/2010

     Railway Technology Special

    • Sensors for intern. high-tech trains
    • Sensor designed for railway applications
    • Patented bit for the environment: oil sight glasses

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