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Press release | 26. September 2017

RE-election as Vice President

Andreas Becker, EPHY-MESS GmbH Wiesbaden, was re-elected as Vice President Medium-sized Business for the next three years at the annual meeting of the Association of the German Railway Industry (VDB) on 15 September 2017 in Braunschweig.

The course has been set for the future of the railway industry in Germany. On September 15, 2017, the 28th general meeting unanimously confirmed Andreas Becker, CEO of EPHY-MESS GmbH, as Vice President for small and medium-sized businesses, in addition to Volker Schenk, CTO Vossloh AG, who was re-elected as the president of the VDB. Becker, who has been head of the office since 2011, is looking forward to continuing his cooperation with colleagues from the Presidium and the 18 other working groups of the association.

Since the beginning of his period of office, Becker has represented the interests of more than 150 member companies, i. e. small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as major component suppliers to the railway industry. He attaches particular importance to the diverse concerns of medium-sized suppliers, for example in removing barriers to industry certification, export promotion or access to international markets. He said that this is now much too often hampered by protectionism and national economic interests. During his speech in Braunschweig, the Vice-President said that his focus is on representing the special interests of SMEs in the railway industry and thus on ensuring efficiency as the "engine of the German economy".

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