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Press release | 17. July 2017

Primary calibration in our company-owned laboratory

With effect from 1 January 2015 a common custom tariff, uniform trade rules as well as harmonized technical regulations are valid in the EACU. This should make sure, that products meet the safety requirements of the technical regulations of the EACU and are safe and harmless for the consumer and the environment.

Against this background only measuring equipment with a type approval (Pattern Approval Certificate), after a carried out calibration (Primary Calibration before commissioning or periodic calibration) as well as a following record in the state measuring equipment register, according to the provision of this law, is allowed to be used in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Measuring accuracy values and the interval between calibration and the methodology of the calibration for this measuring equipment type are defined at the type approval. The Primary Calibration can be compared in a sense with an acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN 10204, with the particularity that the Primary Calibration has to be carried out through an accredited laboratory. Under special conditions like for example after an audit, the Primary Calibration can be carried out by the manufacturer himself, too. For this purpose EPHY-MESS has submitted timely all documents that are relevant for an audit and is in future able to carry out the Primary Calibration for Kazakhstan in the company-owned laboratory after passing the audit.

The Primary Calibration Certificate can only be commissioned and issued in the course of an order by the customer. A subsequent calibration or certification of the measuring equipment is not possible after assembly or commissioning. This regulation is only valid for the export of goods to Kazakhstan though. For the export to Russia, this examination has to be carried out by an accredited laboratory on-site in Russia.

A further particularity of the Primary Calibration is that this evidence, contrary to the type approval (TR and Pattern Approval Certificate) has to be carried out for every single product, quasi as individual inspection. For this, EPHY-MESS works closely together, as regulated in the law, with his representative in Russia as well as a state authorized certification laboratory, to offer all necessary documents according to the regulations.

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