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Press release | 26. July 2016

Partial discharge measurement and -diagnosis protects motors and generators for low voltage

The ZVEI, the Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industries, publishes a brochure for modern measurements of partial discharge with the participation of EPHY-MESS developers to optimize machine applications in the range of less than 1,000 volts.

The development of motors and generators is closely linked to the use of ever more powerful electrical components and equipment.

Here, the targeted improvement of the properties of insulation systems, in particular with regard to electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical stress, is necessary. Also the checking use for monitoring the machines with new sensors e.g. to measure the temperature and its influence on the functionality of the system is facing new challenges ..

Further information and the download link for the brochure please click here: partial discharge measurement and -diagnosis for applications in the low voltage range of ≤ 1,000 volts

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