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Press release | 5. February 2014

Gold medal for EPHY-MESS sensors

The preparations for the Olympics are in full swing. From February 7th to 23rd 2014 the Olympic Winter Games will be held in Sochi, Russia. The competition sites of the Olympic Games are located in the coastal region of the Black Sea as well as in the mountain about 50 kilometers away from the city. For the transportation of the athletes and spectators trains built in Germany are used. 38 of the trains were built by Siemens in Krefeld. The temperature sensors for monitoring the wheelset bearings are provided by EPHY-MESS.

Already in the spring of 2011 the biggest German system house approached EPHY-MESS to order the appropriate sensors for the trains. Not only the trains are very specific – the railway in Russia is running on tracks wider than in Europe – but also the requirements for the sensors were exceptional. For example the sensors have to withstand the temperature differences between the subtropical climate of the coastal region and the winter temperatures of the mountain regions. A continuous stress test for all components. Even though the lowest temperatures of Sochi do not remember of the Siberian cold, the sensors have to meet the manufacturer’s requirements and withstand temperatures in the range of -40°C to +40°C. Standard requirements in terms of quality, durability and process reliability provided.  All EPHY-MESS railway sensors meet essential safety standards and comply with the European Standard EN 60751 for platinum resistance thermometers as well as the EN 61373 and thus are shock resistant according to category 3.

The tuning of the sensor specifications were in full swing since mid of 2011, finally one pays attention to projects with such a huge public interest particularly regarding the accurate production and delivery times. No problem for EPHY-MESS. Besides temperature sensors, oil level gauges were installed in gearboxes. The two-chamber system oil level gauges of EPHY-MESS have an integrated safety guard made of stainless steel to offer maximum protection against stone impacts. The outer special-purpose glass withstands the impacts of objects up to m = 5 g at v = 50 m/s.

As from August 2011 the first deliveries were made. Meanwhile more than 1500 sensors and over 300 oil level gauges were installed in trains which transport the athletes on the routes from the coastal region to the snow areas of Krasnaja Poljana.

EPHY-MESS wishes all participants a successful Winter Games and especially the German athletes many Olympic medals.

On Friday, 1st of Febuary the documentary "Made in Germany- Züge für Sotschi" was broadcasted on ZDF. During the documentary sensors made by EPHY-MESS are shown up in some scenes. For watching the video please klick here: www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek

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