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Press release | 26. April 2014

BERUFE-PARK 2014 - Wiesbaden students get to know EPHY-MESS

Whether soldering, welding or crimping – Students of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule visited EPHY-MESS for a day

Five years ago the cooperation between KIWANIS Wiesbaden Rhein-Main and the secondary modern school ‘Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule’ started, aiming to develop vocational guidance for young pupils.

The latest project is called Berufe*Park, started in late 2013 together with the Albrecht Dürer Schule. This year student groups of the ‘Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule’ had the possibility to visit 9 different companies.. For two weeks eight students of the 8th and 9th grade experienced a new company every day. On the last day, they looked in on EPHY-MESS.

Through this project pupils get the chance to experience personally which kind of jobs they like or dislike. Especially the small and mid-sized companies benefit from this project by setting up contact to potential apprentices. Furthermore we have the chance to allocate selective work placements. Beside this the students have the possibility to actively participate. We are highly welcoming and supporting this project, said Mr. Becker, CEO of EPHY-MESS GmbH.

The pupils had the chance to gain an insight into all departments. From a customer order to manufacturing the company and production process have been brought closer to the students in theory and practice. At the end the students could manufacture their own temperature sensor in the design of a key fob. “We were allowed to solder things on our own” raptures a student.

At the end each student received a feedback form to evaluate the day in the company. Did they like it? What was the most fun?

A total of 25 companies joined the Berufe-Park 2014. Whether it was the Deutsche Bahn, Infraserv or EPHY-MESS, there was a wide range of different companies. “We focus on secondary modern schools but also junior high schools and grammar schools may apply for cooperation”. said Elke Lessing, Vice president of Kriwanis Wiesbaden Rhein-Main. 

The goal of the “Berufe-Park” is to contribute to the early professional orientation and to minimize the number of people who drop out of the apprenticeship.

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