Tailor-made sensors. Worldwide.

Global Strategies

Tailored Sensor Technology

Goal: EPHY-MESS supports its customers with tailored sensor solutions in shortest times. 

A large stock of components is set up with all basic parts of sensors and modules to fulfill all possible requirements of the customer. A team with members from sales, development, production, purchasing and product management is ready to meet customer requirements as quickly as possible in implementing the appropriate design, to generate the bill of materials and the working instructions and to implement production processes. The integration of the quality control department ensures the conformity of the new product with all applicable standards.


Slot resistance thermometers for electrical motors and generators

Goal: EPHY-MESS is one of the worldwide leading specialists for the production of Slot Resistance Thermometers

These special temperature sensors are used to measure directly the temperature of copper windings over the entire length of the slot of the stator of an electric motor. The portfolio consists of bifilar slot resistance thermometers, chip slot resistance thermometers, to multi-spot versions. EPHY MESS helps control the temperature of over 10 meters long slots by delivering SRTs for large generators of wind power or hydroelectric power plants. Whether equipped with single or dual Pt100 sensors in 2 to 4-wire technology, the thermometers are available at a width of up to 50 mm in a length of about 10 m.


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