Tailor-made sensors. Worldwide.

Our employees

The backbone of our company - our workforce

Our employees are the most important partners in the development of our family- owned company. Both the financial success and the positive image of our company are the product of a truly motivated workforce. Their commitment, ability and sense of responsibility continue to provide EPHY MESS with a dynamic momentum and a continuity that have united tradition and innovation for over half a century.

Working together

Because they identify strongly with our company ethos, they embody the reliability and customer-orientated attitude that makes us who we are. Creative capabilities and fine motor skills are required for the development and manufacture of finest sensor instruments - qualities which are not granted to everyone. Our well skilled and trained people are talented, with a real enthusiasm for working in micro-technology. It can be no surprise that majority of our production staff are female.

Cultural diversity

It’s our experience that the tolerant interaction of people from different cultures and religions can positively enrich the working environment. Our managing directors, Claudia and Andreas Becker, can proudly claim to lead a working community that successfully integrates a variety of differing cultures and religions, all working together for the benefit of themselves and the company.

Open for success.

This cosmopolitan attitude is of great value to EPHY-MESS, because we think, feel and act globally, supplying a customer base that extends across four continents.

Everybody at EPHY MESS identifies with our precision measuring equipment. You can measure our success by the reliability of our products. So that safety always comes first! 

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