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PTC Special construction versions

Our large mechanical (NC and CNC) production department can quickly and easily implement customer specific requirements.


  • various mounting options available, e.g. screw-in
  • very compact sizes can be produced
  • special construction version also available with Pt100 measuring resistors


PTC thermistors are used for monitoring a specific temperature limit, which is determined by a previous selection of the PTC thermistor type. It is also known as nominal response temperature (NAT) of the thermistor. The NAT covers a range between of +90°C to +190°C acc. to DIN EN 44 080 - 82.

Structure / Functional principle

The thermistors are installed electrically isolated in different housing types. PTC thermistors are used for monitoring a temperature limit, beyond which the nominal resistance of below  <100 Ohm quickly rises. This significant increase in resistance is detected usually by means of PTC evaluation device which allow additional functions or actions by potential-free switching contacts.